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The Sound Leisure VenueHub jukebox* includes every UK Top 40 chart release since 1952 and every UK Chart Top 10 video since 1980 (optional). The VenueHub AV brings the digital jukebox in line with modern music consumers expectations by combining the latest technology with a highly developed, content rich customer interface, high definition portrait touch screen and an extensive feature list including On-Screen Advertising, Mangers Photos, live Twitter feed and Photobooth.

*5 Million Audio and Video Tracks
Main Features
  • Online music library with over 5 Million tracks available to download
  • Every UK Top 40 chart release since 1952
  • Wide range of popular genres including Pop, Rock, Dance, Country, Blues, Irish, Reggae, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s etc
  • 32” HD Touchscreen display with On-Screen Advertising, Sports Events Advertising, Mangers Photos, “What’s On” calendar and live Twitter feed.

Video Option Includes:

  • Every Top 10 Music Video since 1980


  • Height: 82cm
  • Width: 60cm
  • Depth: 15.5cm
On-Screen Advertising
Updates Music Weekly
Background music



With over 5 Million tracks available to download on-demand, the VenueHub video jukebox has more audio and video* content than any other jukebox. Simply search and play from a wide range of popular genres.


New music is automatically updated twice a week including the very latest chart releases and new album titles. Venues can also request additional music to be uploaded to their jukebox, including local bands and artists.


Automatically suggests other relevant tracks and artists based on your selection.


Resolves incorrect artist name searches. For example Maddona – will return “Did you mean Madonna?”.


Promote your business. Upload JPEG images and photos via the “Managers Menu”.

*Video option only

FAQ's / How it works
1. What if the jukebox income doesn’t cover the music subscription fee?
If the jukebox income does not cover the music subscription fee after VAT is taken at gross, the venue are not responsible to make up the shortfall if there is a loss. We will not ask you for any money at any time.
2. If the jukebox is free. How do Leisureplay make their money?
Our jukeboxes are installed on a simple profit share basis. Leisureplay take a weekly music subscription fee directly from the cash box then share the remaining profit 50/50.
3. How much does it cost to hire a jukebox for my pub?
Absolutely nothing. Jukebox installation is free including speakers.
4. Why do Leisureplay take a weekly music subscription fee?
Front money includes the licensing of music content, new music updates, unlimited downloads, venue requests, online technical support, maintenance and on-site service including repair or parts replacement.
5. What music licence do we require?
Leisureplay are responsible for the PPL licence of the jukebox. The venue are responsible for their own PRS licence.
6. How does the jukebox get updated with new music?
All our jukeboxes are automatically updated every week with new music including the very latest chart releases and new album titles. This is done by connecting the jukebox to the venues internet router by either a hard wire or Wi Fi connection.
7. What if we don’t have internet, will the jukebox still work?
Yes. We simply install a 3G MiFi dongle. This is a compact, wireless device that operates of a sim card. This enables the jukebox to have an online broadband connection. Online jukeboxes allow your customers access to an extensive music library of millions of tracks. New music updates help increase cash box levels so it's important for us to get you connected no matter what it takes!
8. If I agree to having a jukebox installed, how long do I have to wait for installation?
We can usually have the jukebox installed within 7 days.
9. Does the jukebox play background music?
Pre-installation we discuss the best background music options to suit your venue. Background music can be set up to play popular music genres. This helps the right atmosphere for your venue.
10. Can customers request music to be uploaded to the jukebox?
Yes. We can upload any additional music to the jukebox at no extra cost. This includes local bands or artists.
11. Can we control the volume independently in different areas of the pub?
Yes. We can wire the jukebox up to 4 music zones. For example, you could change the volume separately in your bar, lounge, dining or garden area.
12. How can the customers play the jukebox from their phone?
Customers can buy credit to play tracks that on the jukebox via the TouchTunes app, available to download for free via iTunes or Google Play.
13. If the customers pay to play the jukebox from the mobile app, how do we get paid?
The amount of credit spent on the app is calculated and displayed within the collectors menu in jukebox settings. On collection, the amount is simply added to the cash box income which we then share with you accordingly.
14. Is there any contract?
There is no binding contract. If you want the machine removed we ask for 7 days notice.
15. What happens if there is a fault with the jukebox?
Many issues can be resolved online, however, we have a team of experienced service engineers that will attend your call equipped with spares to minimise any downtime.
16. What next?
For free installation or further information, call the Leisureplay team on 024 7645 5879
17. What’s the difference between PPL and PRS?
PPL collects and distributes money on behalf of performers and record companies for the use of their recorded music whereas PRS for Music collects and distributes money on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers, for the use of their music composition and lyrics.
18. We already pay PPL does this cover the jukebox?
No. As the operator, Leisureplay are responsible for the PPL cost of the jukebox.
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