A Tailored Jukebox Solution for John Lewis

Based on Victoria street in London the John Lewis Head Offices have grown over the years from their roots at Chadwickham in 1940 to their current location which now houses the majority of their departments. 

For a multifunctional room at head office the company was looking for an equally customisable music system to deliver suitable genres dependent on what the room was being used for; meetings, company events or parties. 

As experts in digital jukeboxes and with a number of ranges available the Leisureplay team was bought in to provide a tailored jukebox system. 

Why TouchTunes Playdium? 

The Playdium was chosen for the John Lewis Head Office as they were looking for a solution which offered tailored background music. They wanted to be able to play music to create a complementary atmosphere to suit the occasion. 

Offering the perfect jukebox/background music combination, we set the Playdium to play continuous music in the background and supplied a remote control which could be used to select music genres. In this case, during the day the Playdium was set to easy listening but for evening something more up-tempo could be selected to suit e.g. pop, decades, dance, rock,  indie etc. In order to control the ambience of the room during the day and insure it remained suitable for meetings, we implemented a filter to exclude genres such as rap and rock from the selection alongside an explicit filter throughout to eliminate any songs which may contain bad language. 

Positioned near the bar where it could be easily accessed by users, Leisureplay installed the Playdium with some subtle back mood lighting to give it presence in the room. 

For the best sound quality throughout the room, we installed Wharfedale speakers, and in line with the client requirements we wired the room so they had 4 separate music zones allowing them to control volume at various points around the room 

Feedback from both management and staff at John Lewis so far has been very positive with the Jukebox being a popular feature within the room.

Leisureplay’s Marc Bird said “Working with our client we were able to fulfil their requirements by utilising the jukebox features, The Playdium jukebox allows you to have full control of your music and can be set up in a tailored way to suit any venue or occasion.”

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