Classic Jukebox Takes Centre Stage at The Sun Tavern, Covent Garden, London

At the heart of Covent Garden The Sun Tavern in London has been around since 1718 and has seen many changes to the district throughout the centuries but has retained its aged charm and place on Long Acre; offering great beer, great service and good honest food.

Looking for a jukebox system which supported the traditional character this busy pub has, The Morton Scott Pub Company got in touch with our team.

Why the Rocket Jukebox?

Built within a traditional 50’s retro-style cabinet the Rocket jukebox range was the obvious choice to support the charm The Sun Tavern has. Despite its classic style, the Rocket’s functionality is anything but dated, with a 21st-century digital interface giving access to over 30,000 songs (including every top 40 chart release since 1952).

Installed via an online connection, the Rocket Jukebox updates every week with new music, meaning The Sun Tavern’s jukebox will always have the freshest selection.

We also supplied our clients with a ‘Managers Key’ which gives them access to the background music facilities to ensure something is always playing which matches the ambience they are looking to create, in particular, the timer function gives them the ability to create their own playlists for specific times of the day (easy listening during the day, and something more uptempo scheduled for evenings).

There’s nothing worse than inappropriate music coming on in your establishment which could ultimately lose you custom, that’s why the Rocket comes with the functionality to remove specific genre options or certain songs. This leaves our clients fully in control of the music their customers can choose from to play in the tavern. Customers can still pay to listen to and select music, but ultimately the team at The Sun Tavern have the control ensuring the right atmosphere is always in place.

Looking for a tailored jukebox solution to suit your establishment? Get in touch with our team or browse the range.

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