New ‘Double Credit Countdown’ Feature Increases Cashbox Levels on VenueHub Digital Jukeboxes

The new “Double Credit Countdown” feature, only available on the VenueHub digital jukebox is creating quite a positive impact on jukebox cashbox levels for many landlords throughout the UK. The exciting “double your money” feature that is set up within the jukebox engineers menu will only appear when the jukebox has not had any paid plays for a cetain period of time. Punters are given the opportunity to get twice as many credits for their money by a two minute timer that counts down the seconds on the jukebox touchscreen display. Money must be inserted into the machine within the two minute window to redeem the extra credits. Landlord Chris Taylor from the Chase Inn, Walsall said “It’s amazing. I’ve actually witnessed customers sprint to the jukebox. The feature is only displayed when the jukebox hasn’t been used for a few hours but it’s really helped during quiet periods. It’s money we wouldn’t of normally had during that period of time and our eagle eyed locals believe they have got a bargain so everyone is happy. It’s earning me more money and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about”. For further information on the VeneuHub jukebox and it’s many exciting features, contact a member of the Leisureplay team on 02476 222806.
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